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What Is Web Presence Marketing?

What Is Web Presence Marketing?

We can talk about web presence marketing all day here at Post Launch. But in short, web presence marketing is the process of improving how and where your business is displayed online. It starts with a mobile-responsive website. Then, you implement search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.

The aspects of your web presence marketing campaign depend on your industry and the people in your target audience. (Meet your audience where they are: Do they check their email more than they check Facebook?)

We take your owned, earned, and paid media, pour in some special Space Juice, and then BAM! More people can find and connect with you…That’s not entirely true. As much as the precious little nerds here at Post Launch would love to claim we do magic, web presence marketing takes a lot of careful research and implementation.

Do I need web presence marketing?

If you own a business in 2018, yes, you need web presence marketing. There are about four billion Internet users around the world. Three billion of them are on social media. Pretty much all of them are visiting the Internet on their smartphones. The days of Yellow Pages are long in the past; people now use Facebook and Google to find new places to give their business.

If your business is not present online, you’re missing out on all those potential customers.

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