Political Candidate Consulting and Services

We are civic engagement and education Democratic advocates with a unique expertise in reaching voters. As a business in the community, we work with political candidates, elected officials, various non-profit organizations and voting initiatives in Georgia.

Run for Office in Georgia Now

We want to encourage all citizens in Georgia and around the country to RUN FOR STATE AND LOCAL POLITICAL OFFICE. It is up to all of us to make sure OUR concerns and issues are at the forefront of our political representatives. 

Do you want to run for office and don’t know where to start? Camrose Creative Services can provide you with information on qualifying to run for office in local, state and federal political races.

  • How to Qualify for local, state and federal office representing your district(s)
  • Building Your Political Campaign for Success

Field Coordination for Candidates

Our field coordination services include:

  • Field Coordination Strategy Development and Execution
  • Voter Data Analyst for Optimum Touch Zones
  • Design, Printing and Mailing of Campaign Materials
  • Door-to-Door Marketing Materials – Door Hangers
  • Street Team for Distribution of Campaign Materials
  • Canvas Truck with Audio Recording, Music and Signs
  • Precinct Care – Providing PPE, Water, Snacks to Voters in Line
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Phone Banking
  • Virtual Town Hall Meeting Coordination

Camrose Creative Services offers affordable, strategic and successful field coordination for candidates. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.