Silas "SiMan" Alexander, III

Silas “SiMan” Alexander, III – Celebration of Life / Funeral Program

Camrose Creative Services is honored to have designed and printed the celebration of life program for Atlanta’s legendary, community-loved radio host and dynamic DJ — Mr. Silas “SiMan” Alexander, III. A program celebrating the transition of a person should reflect the life lived by that person. Camrose pride’s itself on designing custom, one-of-a-kind programs that reflect the essence of the person celebrating.

Call Cheryle today and let her design a program — a historical piece of the celebrated spirit — that will be a keepsake — a table mini-book — forever. Reach us at 404.590.4716 today for all of your funeral programs, and all other printing and design needs.

Take a look at the celebration of life program for Mr. Silas “SiMan” Alexander, III